Malvika's 21st

Chris Alwin James

Had a great time capturing Malvika's 21st Birthday at the ParraVilla Function Lounge.

I have to admit, loved the little cool ideas they had all over the place, from the decorated bicycle with the welcome board, to the polaroid guest sign book! :D It was such a fun night, and had some of the coolest dances and funniest skit performances I've seen at a 21st. Still not sure if some were 'improvised' as they said. :P

There were also some rather interesting videos of Malvika's other antics :P, and a cool song performance by Malvika's sisters and friends. :) And not to forget, some beautiful speeches, and song by Malvika's parents. :)

And in true Indian 21st birthday fashion, the rest of the night was danced away! :D

Photos coming soon! :)

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