Sriram's 25th

Chris Alwin James

Had the pleasure of capturing Sriram's Fire & Ice 25th birthday at the Shelbourne Hotel.

I have to say the night have probably the most hilarious MC I've seen to date, who made it his prime duty to embarass his cousin Sriram at every opportunity. :P

There were highlarious speeches by family and close friends, highlighting Sriram's great qualities.. and also his quirky ones. selfie pulla :P And also a few accidently wished him a happy 21st.. or at least were close to. :P #clearlyTooYoung Ohh and not to forget the amazing Fire and Ice themed cake made by Abi! Simply amazing! :D

I wish Sriram a Happy 25th, and all the best finding his Jaffna Girl. :P

Photos coming soon! :)

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