Dropbox Integration


Chris Alwin James

Ahhh so excited! ... and also I'm pinching myself as to why I didn't do this earlier. And so the upgrades to the site continue. :)

It has been about two months since I last updated my photography portfolio... Not to say that I hadn't been shooting. The amount I had been shooting hadn't changed. It's just that with my other jobs, it became quite a bit more difficult to find the time to sit through, cull and then upload the photos to the site, as well as story them up. I enjoy doing it, but it just takes time.

This whole website was built with simplicity in mind, to try to make the sharing process as easy as possible. Especially with the Lightroom integrations to easily export with the entire story and image structure, so I don't have to do that manually on the website.

Though I still was using private Git repos for management and storage of my code... and of my images (yes I know, shoot me now). While this was nice at first, I knew that eventually this would start to suck.

So to the present day, with the task of having to upload all the images from the past few months ahead of me, I decided to procrastinate and take this opportunity to re-think my content workflow, from editing the images to finally having them on the website. And one of those ideas was to remove Git as a means of uploading, keeping my 'content' separate from my 'code'. (No more ginormous git repo. Yay!) Achieving this was a bit of a hacky feat, but I'm happy it's all worked out. :) And yes, this is where Dropbox comes in.


Essentially now the website can automatically sync itself up and update its content, without me needing to manually kick off any upload process. As long as I have internet access, I can keep my photos in sync, even as I constantly update them (without having to manually upload a new batch, and delete the older sets). I've also finally made it possible that I can upload and update content from anywhere, even my phone. :)

So what does all this mean? Well, hopefully that I'll be more inclined to keep this site up to date. I can't guarantee it, but at least I've made this process one step easier. :)

One more thing.. This post was written and uploaded from a phone! :D (Nexus 6P FTW!). And once again this post is being written at 3am in the morning.. Sigh, I still really need to fix my sleep patterns.

Added note: (The next day) I also took the opportunity to upgrade my gallery module. :D Finally not preloading all images on the page when a user clicks to enlarge an image.