The little things


Chris Alwin James

While overseas I've made attempts to keep up my posts on the site, to share with my family what I've been up to. :) And I have to say, the more I look at this site, the more I think I could do things better that I am atm. :P Improve performance here, align those pixels there.. there's always something to do.

And today my cousin saw me make some more changes, or rather he saw me coding some time last night, and saw the results of it today. And what he said made me think: "That looks neat! What did you change?". He'd seen the way the site was before, and arguably the change was quite small on the visual side of things. But he expressed that the site looked "cleaner" and "more shaped".

Content-wise, nothing changed. Layout-wise, I had written a module to dynamically scale the images on my site so they appear properly in rows, and dynamically fit into the layouts I've designed. It's something I'd wanted to do for a while, just didn't get the time, so had written a CSS fill in.. So basically now, the images "should" (I'm still ironing out a couple of bugs :P) have a consistent border around them, and space between other images.

My cousin couldn't put a finger on what had changed, but just thought the site looked "pretty clean". :) I'm starting to think that's kinda a beauty in UX design.. Users aren't always able to put a finger on the little things you've done, or maybe they won't even notice.. but they'll like the experience. And I guess that's what matters. :) "Good design is invisible." And when you start noticing it.. oh how facinating the world appears. :D

Aside: On the note of "noticing" however, I feel it right to put a note of thanks over here. I owe a lot of thanks to:

  • the people who took the time to message words of support when they saw my new site! (really rare in this current era of busyness) Aside from my own finicky nature, they also pushed me to make this site more of a good experience for visitors.
  • close friends who showed support and were really approachable, to help give me feedback on what they thought about some of my designs.

Again.. it's the little things people do that really can push things a whole way.. Many a times that's taken for granted, but when you start noticing them.. :) Anyways, again another blurb at 3 in the morning.. I really should build some better sleeping habits. :P